General Kukasheka (@SKUsman) retires voluntarily from Service

When I tumbled on a tweet by @AshakaSaleh that my Boss, my Mentor, my guardian, my…my…my… ritires voluntarily from not only the @HQNigerianArmy spokespersonship, but from the service, I was so confused to the extent that I was not ready to agree with this trusted @VOANews Correspondent who is also my master. I just have to pick my phone and make a call to the General.

Immediately after greetings, the General deicided to throw some happy-making words onto me. And I was full of joy to the extent that my day was made. But that wasn’t really the reason I made call. I have two major reasons:

One, I purposely called him to confirm whether it is true that he left the service at the time he is truly needed.

Two, If truly he left the service, I shall then ask him why must he do this to me? Why must he leave the service when I truly needed there? But I tell you, he is too ‘big’ for selfish me to throw those questions to.

Not only the fact that I and the General are from the same State and from the same Senatorial district, but, I and General Sani Kukasheka Usman are lovers of Dr Mamman Shata Katsina’s songs. And I tell you, that’s among the key factors that brought us together into a relationship that keeps me as a full-time beneficiary.

My worry is who is now gonna be my ‘pillar’ up there?

But anyway, with uniform or not with, he shall continue to be my guardian, my mentor, my boss and my oga at the top.

Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman, on behalf of the entire people of KATSINA STATE, I Las Danbuzu say a big congratulation to you for successfully serving your country up the the General cadre in the Nigerian Army, and retired successfully at your own wish.

God bless you sir.
God bless Katsina State
God bless Nigeria

Las Danbouzu
FB/Twitter/IG/YouTube/SC – @danbouzu

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