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The most reliable online business.. I don’t need to give a long story. All you need for now is follow the link below and create your account so that we build an empire together. Then you can inbox/call me for whatever you’re yet to understand in the site.

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    Dubai Gold Souk Account Opening

By registering through the link above, it means I have to guide through out your preliminary preparation for the business. And I assure you, you won’t regret joining the team.

Good luck.

History / General Overview of DGS
Dubai Gold Souk (Market) is located at the epicenter of many affluent trade routes between the East and the West, Dubai has played a dominant role for centuries in the international physical gold market, a dominance which has grown further over the past decades. Today, Dubai is known as the City of Gold.

In Dubai, situated in the most visited market namely Dubai Gold Souk, operating for more than 100 years, is the most influential and respected gold market in the Arabic region. Dubai Gold Souk or Gold Souk (سوق الذهب‎‎), which is a traditional market (or souk) in Dubai, UAE. The souk is located in Dubai’s commercial business district in Deira, in the locality of Al Dhagaya. The souk consists of over 300 retailers, most of whom are jewellery traders. According to estimates, approximately 10 tons of gold is present at any given time in the souk, It is bordered to the north by the Dubai Fish and Vegetable Market a near proximity to the Deira Bus Stand. The Dubai Gold Souk is 5 minutes walk from the Old Souk marine station.

The Dubai Gold Souk is one of the largest gold retail markets in the world, and an iconic must-see site to experience when you are in Dubai. the Souk is just a five minute walk from the old Souk marine station and bordered by the Dubai Vegetable & Fish Market and the Deira Corniche. Ideal access to the Souk is through the underwater Shindagha Tunnel, the driverless Dubai Metro at Al Ghubaiba, or by water taxi – ‘Abra’ from the Creek in Bur Dubai. A traditional market (or Souk), this glittering expanse is symbolic of the opulence of Dubai.

With office at 260 Bu Daniq Alkassimia Sharja UAE, Dubai Gold Souk online platform (DGS) is a multi-million dollar online Gold trading platform, emanated from the great traditional market (Dubai gold souk), it was established by a Qatari business man named Jamal Hanny Abusuhailah in conjunction with his nine (9) business partners, all from UAE, to give opportunity to the world for every person with interest to invest in Gold have direct access to the multi-billion dollar ancient Dubai Gold market from the comfort of their rooms. DGS gives opportunity for everyone to invest, trade in gold irrespective of where they are on this earth.

DGS has a mission to simplify trading making Gold business more convenient, economically easy and secure, to let everyone trade in Dubai Gold souk irrespective of the location, and with a vision to globalize the Gold business and virtualize gold –making it more secure, portable, easily movable with zero probability of being damaged, stolen or lost – this is because, the gold in DGS Is soft gold, which can be traded online, and transferred from one person to another irrespective of the recipient’s or sender’s address, DGS gold can at any point in time be converted into physical gold if the owner so wishes.

Step by step DGS registration from a link.(
The Link: Dubai Gold Souk Account Opening )

1. I have just received my uplines link I click on it and it takes me to the registration page and I have entered all my correct details and clicked on I am not a robot the sign up button is now highlighted so I go ahead and click on it .I waited a bit and I have seen a reply (CONGRATULATION YOUR REGISTRATION WAS SUCCESSFUL)💃💃💃💃💃💃

3. After uploading correct government ID card and bank account name and number click on validate and if you have used a jpeg or png format your verification will go smoothly and you will receive a congratulation message now you are a confirmed registered member of Dgs .

4.Proceed to buy gold by clicking on buy gold (hand carrying gold ) this option choose the trader option and a list of registered traders with their amount of gold available will appear pick the one of your choice and send an outgoing request put down your offer (15,000)and the number of gold you want and send.your request is pending at this stage and you will receive an SMS from the trader or check your outgoing requests under request to see the status (if accepted the pending now turns to pay )

5. On selecting (PAY ) from your outgoing request to buy gold the details of that selected trader will pop up .please take your time to send the correct amount and supply all necessary details like ur username and the qty of gold . Highly unnessary to write Dgs or gold or anything on it ur username and the qty u have just paid for is more than enough make payment then return to the page to upload your proof of payment
Very important to be patient at this stage once payment is sent the bank networks now determines when it will be received give your trader ample time to sort you out and credit you with the correct amount of gold you have just paid for .

6.once your gold is credited to your account it will appear on your savings wallet .earnings will never increase if you don’t invest your gold .this is done by moving it from savings wallet to investment wallet .click on savings wallet option of invest will come up . Select the qty of gold to invest and click on invest all this is the end of buying and investing of gold on the Dgs platform form🙏🙏🙏🙏

7. EARNINGS – Gold invested increase daily depending on your account class 1.5%daily,15% in 10days and 45%monthly on basic ,2%daily 20%in 10 days ,60%monthly on classic and finally 2.5%daily,25% in ten days and 75%monthly for Golden accounts we shld all by now know how to get through all this stages. all accounts starts from the basic stage and progresses as you invite members to join your business .login daily to watch how your investment increases by the day and withdrawal can commence after 10 days (on condition u have earned up to 1 grm of gold.
8.After 10 days from the period of moving gold from savings wallet to investment wallet we can withdraw or sell a minimum of 1grm of gold to the trader of our choice by clicking on Earnings .go ahead to see the withdrawal option and click on the number of gold we want to sell select trader option for now and go ahead to send .we receive a feed back to wait for acceptance from the trader and there after payment .once we receive alert this isn’t the end of the transaction we must always go back to process the order of payment the trader has uploaded this is found Under TRANSACTIONS .WE CLICK ON PROCESS AND THERE AFTER WE ACCEPT PAYMENT SO THAT TUE GOLD CAN BE RELEASED TO THAY TRADER FROM THE COMPANY. REMEBER ONLY CONFIRM PAYMEMT AFTER YOU HAVE RECIEVED YOUR CASH IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IF HOWEVER YOU HAVE RECIEVED AND DONT GO AHEAD TO CONFIRM AND RELEASE GOLD TO THE TRADER YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE FLAGGED AN AUTO CONFIRMATION WILL COMMENCE AFTER 24HRS AND TUE COMPANY WILL EFFECT ALL DUE PUNISHMENT ON YOUR ACCOUNT LETS BE MINDFUL THANK YOU. 👌👊👊👊

The Link: Dubai Gold Souk Account Opening

Click this Link to join:

    Dubai Gold Souk Account Opening

My Phone Number: 08032108435

The Management of DGS have successfully agreed to insert into the ROADMAP, a point called “Campaign DGS-HALAL”

Many of us at DGS are also ardent Muslim, we create and implement policies in accordance with Islamic jurisdictions and jurisprudence while making sure it doesn’t goes against people of other faith.

Granted that earning rate is fixed but the selling price as a principe matter is definitely not, what we ought to understand is the fact that, it isn’t about the earning rate but the selling price which remains the variably flexible parameter right from day one.

But we still listen and succumb to your plea –DGS earning rate will soonest be allow to varies partly proportional to daily world standard gold price and partly to other parameters driving the company compensation plans.

Thanks for your Fidelity.

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