A Latter from a Lazy Nigerian to Buhari – IG Wala

Dear Mr. President,
If you can say this, it means you are yet to know why we elected you in 2015.
Haba Baba Buhari, why will you gave us out to the international communities in the manner you did?

“President Muhammadu Buhari has said many Nigerian youths are uneducated, not ready to work and dependent on revenue from oil to survive.
He said the youths, who make up 60 per cent of the population, were waiting to get social amenities free without doing anything.” – in discussion at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster, London.

Mr. President,
We will take this statement coming from you as a product of poor Military orientation. We are aware of the dictatorial arrogance that comes from an old soldier who had it smooth and rode on the back of jobless youth into a democratically elected position.
When you speak and goof, same uneducated youth are the ones to defend you. This is because the same youth that are dependent on oil and social amenities, are the ones that showed love yo your son (Yusuf) who has no business with our commonwealth, may be. Mr. President, you need to know that your successful election was a struggle from same people who believed that you will change our situation.This is because your generation depended on the Nigerian resources for your education. The record is there to show how your generation went to school without buying a single exercise book, without paying for school fees and we know very well that your generation were paid some amount of money as allowances when you were in school.
As founding members, the Sardaunas laid a foundation which will propel you people towards given back to subsequent generations, but what you did was to terminate such chain of service to nation through Military juntas. You people shared the oil wells to yourselves, shared the our commonwealth to yourselves and stole huge resources to other parts of the world. If personally you had not partake in such brazen destruction of Nigeria, your children are direct beneficiaries to all this destruction through marital affairs to those who raped this nation. This is clearly an indication that your own children are also jobless and dependent on Nigerian oil. It is evident that some of them got employed through the window few months when you got elected into office. You are gradually taking the path of those leaders that also failed us. This is because, you made it clear that you will provide 3 million jobs annually, but you only gave us an internship known as N-Power which will last for only 2 years not permanent job. Besides, N-Power is is only in the teaching carrier. The rest of the field in your social intervention programs are mere political gift being thrown for political inducement.
Finally, we expected you to solve part of these problems that rendered us helpless. We thought you are capable of dealing with those who have continued to deny us the chance to go to school, to get employment and stop depending our commonwealth. But, here we are with presidential insults in an international arena. God save us!

IG Wala.
One of the members of a generation being denied her right of good living by corrupt leadership in Nigeria.

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