New Progressive Movement (NPM) is Born

Now that it’s obvious APC had failed Nigerians after THREE years in office. All they could pay us with after we trusted them and helped them brought PDP (another failure) down to its knees was/is hardship/Inflation guided by arrogance and empty unrealistic promises. They did show us that they were never ready to govern, but were only concerned with ascending the throne. They did show us that some Nigerians are more Nigerians than Nigerians. We in the beginning feared PDP, but they were PDPs in a new bottle called APC, and were even bigger failure in the new bottle more than in the old one.

We the youths and the common men at large, have no other option than to get prepared for the tax and take it upon our shoulders in as much as we put Nigeria in our hearts and we need a new and better Nigeria, where Nigerians will be proud to be Nigerians without a second thought. Justice, Equity and handwork are the strongest guides of our MANIFESTO (read it here: We are not like APC, where to this day they have nothing close to manifesto. We in NPM have concrete MISSION and VISION.

It is not a common sense anymore that we bestow our trust upon the shoulders of incompetent, recycled and failed politicians the destiny of today and tomorrow of our beloved country, and for us and the generations to come.

NPM is our train to New Progressive Nigeria, our train all of us in Nigeria. We are not asking you to join our movement as mere voter’s card bearers, we want all of Nigerians, the true Nigerians with progressive Nigeria at heart, to join the movement as full time politicians.

If you leave politics for a particular group of people that takes politics as business not a nation building, wallahi you are very wrong! They will never think of anything good for a common man in as much as it holds nothing material for them, they are more than very selfish people. As a common man, join the movement, break the barrier, get there and make the Nigeria progress for a fellow common man on the street to see, feel and touch.

NPM is the party, the party of the common men, for the common men, by the common men.

Let us all come together to make Nigeria progress.

Let us all join NPM.

Success is from God.

LAS Danbuzu
Musawa, Katsina State
Twitter/Facebook: Danbuzu
YouTube/Instagram: DanbuzuTV

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