Hassan Mohammed.

First thing first, Dr. Ganduje has brought back “Daba” and “Sara Suka” to Kano.

He has succeeded in bringing back what the people of Kano have overcome and have forgotten about in the last 20 – 30 years. I’ll come back to that.

The three posts that I made in the last 5 days on the ongoing fracas betgoras Ganduje and Kwankwaso were largely against Kwankwaso because I maintain that the razzmatazz-like rally about him going back home from Abuja is stupid.

I saw the danger, knowing Kano politics, of violence between his supporters and the supporters of the governor. Thank God, the President, Vice President and ‘elders’ prevailed on him to cancel that ill-advised rally. If he wants to go home, let him just go. He is a servant of people not their master.

It is also especially because I believe he is more reasonable, even I consider it wrong to embark on that celebratory journey back to Kano. I don’t know why he needs to do. Still, events in the last 7 days made me believe that he is more reasonable.

Going by what happened last time in Kano and all the war-like commentary the governor’s aides and political allies were singing, this governor will not care “in duk mutanen Kano sun kare”; that is if all of Kano died. I am really happy for the people Kwankwaso did not go through with his event.

PICTURE 1: The Governor of Kano State, Dr. Ganduje, addressing his thugs, with their weapons of barandamai, goras kokara. It is simply what we call kilango squad in the 1980s. His children will not be here. None of his relations will be.

PICTURE 2: Hon. Abubakar Zakari, APC, member of the Kano State House of Assembly. He is representing the people of Tarauni Local Government Area. You will never find his children here.

PICTURE 3: Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa, APC, House of Rep Chip Whip (NASS). I repeat, this man is our Chief Whip in our in our National Assembly. He is one of 4 most important people in our House of Assembly. His own children or relations will not be here.

What this translate to is that Kano is in for a very torrid 2019. Daba and Sara Suka is back. People will die needlessly and families will be destroyed.

My sister was stranded in Konar Dangora because ‘Yan daba have taken over the highway from Kura to Konar Dangora even when Kwankwaso is not holding his rally.

And these are the people some want us to hand State Police to. No way! Even if that will happen, Kano and Rivers must never have state police. Ever!

This man has taken Kano back to the 1980s. And it will another generation to overcome it, after this old man is gone. Allah Ya kiyaye!

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