Kogi State: Civil Service Vs Fake Certificates

By Petra Akinti.
This person with an MBA is a Kogi State civil servant. He enrolled for this degree with a forged PGD from Kogi State University. The man in question was first employed on 01/08/89. He’s been a civil servant since I was 2 months shy of my 8th birthday. He’s been in service for 28 years with only 7 to go!

When he was removed from payroll pending confirmation of his certificates, he must have been one of those who went to town claiming to have started work with Benue State Government when the governor was still in Secondary School.

Thankfully he will be having his day in court. People in this category will also refund every kobo they’ve earned from the state since 1991. That runs into millions.

There are many like this man. So far, we have 1,500 of them confirmed.

WAEC even confirmed some results to be fake. Meaning folks forged WASCs at Oluwole or wherever else and used them while many were struggling to pass.

I am looking through the names and some 206 teachers with NCE mostly from Kogi. State College of Education, Ankpa were returned as fake.

This is not new knowledge to most civil servants nor past administrations. There was just no one to bell the cat. And when GYB decided to it was like HOW DARED HE? But someone must dare to dare. And GYB did. It was not convenient. For all involved. Even for government. But it had to be done. Painstakingly too.

We do the state a disservice when we reduce it the rot in the civil service and the assiduous efforts of the Yahaya Bello-led administration to cleanse as mere politics. Governor Yahaya Bello wasn’t governor in 89. He will not be governor forever. But Kogi State will remain. How does any sane person expect such a state to survive if things continue like this?

Our staff verification was not just to determine ghost workers. It is a total repositioning of the Civil Service. How can certificate forgers be in service even if they go to work?

Well… The State expects more reports from tertiary institutions outside the state. And all whose certificates return as fake shall be prosecuted after dismissal from Service in line with the Section 4, Rule No 030401/030402 of the PSR.

PS: Getting the status of certificates presented for verification took a while because the process was long. Like I mentioned we are still expecting feedback from institutions outside the state. And it would have been wrong to go to press without getting confirmation of status of certificates from issuing institutions.

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