By Hassan Mohammed
So, I see that in all the discussions about the situation in Kaduna State all I read or hear about is the 22,000 stats. In all of these we are not talking about those directly affected, the children, and their own stats and the fact that, in the end, they are the ones to bear the brunt.

There are currently about 700,000 pupils in primary schools in the state.

I’m not a statistician. In fact, I’m terrible at Math but my simple arithmetic tells me that by the time these current kids in the system primary one leave the system in 6 years time, and others fill in we are talking about ±1.5million either in or out of the system. Think!

Set your priorities straight, then answer these, please, which is more of important to you since it is about numbers? 22,000 or 1,500,000 whose future will be ruined?

I understand the prayer for compassion. That is why, I want the sacked teachers compensated, and if possible place some in other areas. They may be of use to the state in those other areas, but definitely not near kids as teachers. We can debate all of that. Not retaining them in classes.

But I also understand that we are not even interested in the 25,000 to be hired, which means there will be addition of a couple of thousand of your qualified indigenes who either do not have N40,000 – N60,000 to secure the job or a politician to stand for them.

Consider this number too. There are over 300,000 unemployed graduates about 25% have the requisite qualification. You don’t think that these people deserve a shot and the children deserve brighter tomorrow? Think! Think numbers!

This is not politics. But if it is politics to you, then here are some numbers-impact prayer.

If Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is playing politics with the lives of 700,000 kids and much more kids to come in the future, then MAY GOD PUNISH AND DESTROY HIM. If not, may God reward him. Amen!

If those oppose to his action are doing it for no other reason other than politics and ignoring the future of the kids of this state, MAY GOD PUNISH AND DESTROY THEM? Yes and Amen?

If you have children or relations in these public schools and you are still fighting for these teachers to continue teaching them, you know better than all of us, why, MAY GOD REWARD. But if your children are not in these schools and will never enrol your kids to be taught by these teachers, or hire them as private tutors but you are still insisting that they stay, MAY GOD PUNISH? Yes and amen?

Oh retraining?! What the 22,000 need is education not training. You train people to improve, to brush up their knowledge and skills; to improve on their methods of teaching, how to use certain techniques, tools, equipment, apparatus to deliver knowledge they have. Those who do not have the knowledge and skills need to be educated. You cannot retrain those who cannot identify triangles, rectangles etc for teaching. They need to be educated.

Remember the argument is now not the fact that they failed primary 4 test. That ship has sailed. Even the teachers have resorted to arguing that it us not the test, since “Examination is not the true test of knowledge”. The argument is that they should just be allowed to stay on as teachers on compassionate grounds.

I’m in desperate need of your yes and/or amen to these simple prayers. Say Amen!

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