Nigeria’s FG Appointments: North Vs South

By Ogunyomi SOE.

From a number cruncher for the benefit of number followers. Oya start counting and tell me how it benefits you. Updated Buhari appointee list via Bucky Hassan-

“Of the 176 Presidential current Senior Appointees: 87 are Northern and 89 are Southern.

SW – 43
NW – 35
NE – 28
SE – 24
NC – 24
SS – 22

~ Bucky 2017

* The figures are taken from Adesina’s list of 157 current senior appointees and the Premium Times list of 19 current senior appointees.
* Some of those assigned to NW might be from NE and vice-versa. It does not change the overall number from North and South.
* Please don’t ask me why it is relevant to provide this list. If Business Day had not published a misleading list claiming 81% of appointments were from the North, there would be no need to refute that misinformation.
* Please do not paste links from Premium Times. Their list has been analysed and included in the above figures.”

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