Why do most people love being employees?

By Steve Olorun-Ni.

Is it because having a job is easy?

Is it because job pays them much money?

Is it because they can’t get capital to start their own business?

No! No! No!

The reason why most people keep on enduring their jobs is because that’s the ONLY thing school taught them to do

If they had been taught how to build businesses, they would have done so, EASILY

After I’ve spent more than 20 years in the business world,

I can’t stop getting angry as I see my fellow Africans wasting their lives in jobs that pay them peanuts

I want to show you the strategies I used to build my own company

I’ll give you 7 FREE business Courses

I’m doing this because I wish we have a better continent

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School taught you how to work for companies

I will teach you how to build a company

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