Osinbajo, the Presidency and Ndigbo

By Kelechi Jeff Emeh.

Lagos state has achieved developmental progression since the inception of the 4th Republic. The state is still facing huge challenges, but the discerning mind will not fail to acknowledge the positives and the deliberate plan by those in charge of the state to ensure continuous development.

Lagos is a metropolitan Yoruba city that has maintained its culture despite huge external influences. It is the most tolerant of all states in Nigeria, most accommodating and most sophisticated. Religion is a non issue in Lagos and there is no obvious ethnic agenda by those in authority despite the Yorubaness of the leadership. THE LEGACY OF BOLA AHMED TINUBU.

Why is the Presidency of Nigeria in such desperation to show that Ndigbo are enjoying unprecedented governance bliss under the Buhari administration? I really don’t get it.

First, the Vice President, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo deliberately misinformed Nigerians that USD2bn was released for the Second Niger Bridge. The correction a week’s later was immaterial. In propaganda, the objective was achieved on the day he mounted the podium.

Secondly, Dr. Alex Ekwueme’s advertised oversea medical trip made joke of the Presidency. Sending the former Vice-president on medical treatment abroad is akin to paying him his monthly pension. The puerile press release was put out to prove the love of Buhari for Ndigbo. Hypocrisy is corruption.

For the youth, a little education on Ekwueme will do. The man was one of the richest professionals in Nigeria before he became vice president. An astute architect that became poorer when he left office. As VP, he had no power of approval of any kobo, yet when Buhari struck in 1983, he gave this man of unparalleled integrity the Sambo Dasuki treatment. His was even worse: there was no accusation, no indictment and no prosecution against him. Yet Buhari locked him up while his boss, President Shagari (a modest and good man) was simply placed under house arrest. So what’s the Presidency trying to prove if not to score cheap political points on the health of a worthy statesman?

Thirdly, the Vice-president declared that Imo and Ogun states have the highest number of Nigerians heading government agencies. He provided no data. He included Imo into the mix to show that President Buhari has been fair to Ndigbo.

Mr. Vice President sir, kindly name at these agencies headed by Imo citizens. A pastor must never allow politics to dilute his “anointing” no matter the circumstance. Is an Imo citizen heading NNPC, NPA, NIMASA, FIRS, TETFUND, UBEC, NDDC, FAAN, and any of the big government agencies?

Provide us with the list sir.

All these attempts to showcase what’s not there is because the Buhari administration has failed to learn from Lagos.

God knows that no Igbo and indeed Nigerian will waste time on the ethnic and religious composition of our government if they are delivering on their mandate based on equity and justice.

Lagosians don’t give a damn and Lagos is a mini Nigeria.


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