Buhari’s Regime: X-Raying the Presidential Powers

By Bello Mukhtar
bellomukhtar@icloud.com .

1. Professional Reputation.

Being The Commander In Chief And Custodian Of The Sovereignty Of The Nation, Whose Constitutional Powers Supersedes Every Other Citizen And Is The Manager Of The Nation’s Economic, Political, Religious And Cultural Values. A Man Whose Expertise In Politics, Governance, Security, International Relations And Foreign Policies Must Be Discharged Diligently And In The Highest Degree Of Accuracy. His Brilliance Of Mind Must testify In Accordance With The Candour Of Human Spirit.

2. Public Prestige.

His Ability To Command Respect In The Eyes Of His People, Expedite Action Where And When Necessary Especially On Matters Of National Importance, Discharging Of His Duties As A Nationalist Devoid Of Nepotism, Favouritism And CABALISM. His Inadequacies Or Weaknesses Should Never Be Exposed For Public Consumption.

3. Power Of Persuasion.

A President Is Supposed To Repose Confidence In The Hearts And Minds Of His Citizenry. His Ability To Influence The Public On Government Policies And Programmes Should Not Be Doubtful. He Should Be Taken As A Man Of His Words And Never To Be Influenced By Any Individual Or Group Either Within Or Outside The Government. He Must Be Honest And Totally Against Any Form Of Corruption. He Must Take Every Decision In The Country’s Best Interest And Towards The Development Of His People Without Fear Or Favour With His Watch Words Assuring The Citizens Of National Unity And Cohesion.

4. Lieutenants.

His Lieutenants Must Be Absolutely Loyal To The Country And The Office Of The President. They Must Be People Of Proven Integrity, Technical Competence And Must Be Conversant With The Political And Governmental Terrain Within And Outside Government. Just Like In A War Situation, They Must Be Sagacious Commanders Whose Administrative Expertise And Intellectual Acumen Will Be Put To Use In Managing The Machinery Of Government.

5. Political Party Relations.

The President Must Have A Harmonious Working Relationship With His Political Party. He Should Always Liaise With The Top Party Hierarchy And Operate In Accordance With The Modus Operandi Of The Party, In Other Words; He Must Be A Loyal Party Faithful. He Should Intervene In The Party Affairs Especially Where Or When There Is Discord.

6. Consultations With The Great Men/Women Of The State.

These People Involve Former Presidents, Military Leaders, Traditional Rulers, Religious Leaders And Other National Stakeholders For Their Support, Counsel, Solution Provision And Critical Decision Making. The Experience Of Such People Is A Treasure To The Survival Of Any Nation In The World.

How Do We Balance The Above Pointers On A Scale Of FairPlay On One Hand And The Current Nigerian Situation On The Other?

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