Teaching is being abused these days

By Ummi Khadija Sarki

My response as a comment for a post in a Facebook group this morning.

Teaching is being abused these days. Teaching is the last resort now for people from other fields who couldn’t be absorbed in parastatals inline with their various professions.
So any quack, unskilled and untrained personnel feel owning a degree or Diploma cerficate is enough for him/her to secure or rather “manage ” teaching job as they put it. To be a teacher is a walk in a Jurassic park. To be a teacher, takes all the psychology & philosophy doctors take to be doctors.

Teachers are trained, skilled individuals who will do more than just instructing but to change behaviours permanently in a positive manner. Before you can be addressed as a teacher, you have to be a psychologist, a therapist, a counsellor, a flag bearer, a role model, a sociologist, a planner, an instructor, an administrator, and behaviour change catalyst to mention a few.

So nowadays, people or rather high school graduates who couldn’t secure admission into tertiary institutions or for other personal reasons, do apply to work as per-school teachers. These “secondarians” are usually appointed to handle and teach the level of young minds(children). Out of this what do we expect? Albeit this issue is akin to private schools which most of us are their clients or rather customers. Some graduates from other fields other than EDUCATION do apply for the sake of “Since I no see work, than to sidon for house dey do notin, I com kuku apply to to teach” so teaching no be work???? Let amadioha strike that ya stinking trap!!!! (Sorry)

It’s very unfortunate that education sector in our society here is held with little or no care at all.In advanced societies, professors, PhD holders, graduates of Masters in education with long term experience are the people in charge of educating young minds(children).
In essense I’m not saying we have to rub shoulders with other nations, but with should understand the whole situation and pop up possible solutions that may assist education in one way or the other.

Anyway, i have been a preschool teacher for over 13years. As at now, I teach at all levels(lower basic, middle basic, upper basic & tertiary institution both as an employee and a volunteer). I’m a teacher by experience and profession. Your ability to handle your learners, carry all along, to manage your class, use of appropriate methodology, associate well and get understand each and every learner’s personality as well as their cognitive capabilities, inculcating morals, motivating the learners, imparting knowledge and achieving your behavioural objectives are some of the things that makes you a teacher.
A proud and Loud Teacher
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Good morning Teachers!

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