Polygamy in Islam, Christianity & Judaism

According to Oxford dictionary, Polygamy is the custom of having more than 01 wife at the same time.

Many people including Christians & Jews accuse Muslims for being polygamous, that Muslims can have more than one wife at a time, and also say what type of Book is Quran that it allows polygamous marriages upto four! This is ridiculous! A religion allowing four wives, what a religions is this! It can't be a religion that allows men to have four wives. Islam, allowing polygamy, what a shame! Is this just with women in Islam? There is no women rights here…
One of My beloved Christian Friends that's so close to me once said: Muslims for the desire of lust are polygamists! Polygamists are dogs! They are stupids, bastards and unfaithfuls! Women have no rights in Islam, women are not valuable for Muslims, this is sickness & obsession!

For your information, Islam and Quran are the only religion and religious book respectively on the face of the earth that say the words "marry only one if…!" And are the only that set limit on howmany to marry. …

Quran, Surah Al Nisa, Ch.04, Vrs.03.
And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice].

Muslims are allowed to have maximum 04 wives at a time with the condition of justice. Justice means that Muslim who marries more than 01 woman at a time or 04 must be just with all. He must give or spend on all women equal amount of money, he cant give more to one & less to other. He must fulfill just expenses of all. He must give equal time to all, if He lives 03 days with one then 03 days with all & you can get a brief description of Justice among the wives in the books of Muslim Scholars & you can also see the life of Prophet Muhammad who established justice with all His wives at a time.

Let us first discuss the multiple marriages of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

The Multiple Marriages of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
Many Christian friends ask the Muslims questions about the multiple marriages of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w & say many things about Islam.

First of all not even a single famous critic of Islam ever pointed out a single instance regarding the morality of Prophet Muhammad that He was immoral, obsessed with women or any instance of sexual indiscretion, not of the time of Prophet Muhammad when there were many enemy Jews & Christians who always tried to get a single point to discredit & disgrace Him not of the modern days. Those who raise questions are the ignorant that not have the correct knowledge of either Islam not of their own books so that they accuse Islam due to their ignorance.

If we study the life of Prophet Muhammad we see that out of 38 years of the married life of Prophet Muhammad, 25 years of His blessed life, He was monogamist, since it becomes 2/3rd of His marital life & it is to be noticed that He had multiple wives between the age of 53-56 & at the age of 63 He died by the will of ALLAAH.

If a man is really obsessed with women & has desires of lust, the best age of getting such pleasure is not between 50-63 but the early age & we know from His life that till the age of 50 He was monogamist.
One thing to tell is that Only 02 of His marriages were normal with Khadijah & Aisha & the rest others were for the social reforms. Only 02 of His wives were below the age of 36 the rest were above the age of 36-50. also only 01 of His blessed wife was normal the rest all were the widows. if He was hyper sexual then why He married 09 women above the age 36-50 & why He married the 10 widows.

If you are asked to have a wife which will you prefer a young girl or a aged widow women.

At the age 53-56, He took the other wives, Science tells Us that the older a men gets, the less sexual he gets, so if Prophet Muhammad did this for sexual desires why He married after crossing the young age entering to old age when man gets less sexual, so the allegations of the marriages for the sexual desires are proven wrong Scientifically.

The questions arises in minds, why He married 11 women. This is to be noticed that Prophet Muhammad never had 11 wives at a time.

Analysis of the Nature Marriages of Prophet Muhammad.
We can analyze the marriages of Prophet Muhammad under two headings.
1-Social reforms.
2-Closer relations between Him & His Disciples.

1-Marriages for Social Reforms.
If we analyze the marriages of Prophet Muhammad, they were for the social reforms, making your foes your friends & supporting the helpless & orphans are the ways of social reforms & He did for social reforms not to please His sex because we earlier said the best age for sexual desires is not the old age but the young age, 09 out of His 11 marriages were for social reforms.

The first marriage He had with Respected Khadijah, She sent a proposal of marriage to Prophet Muhammad being impressed by His honesty & character when She was at the age of 40 & Prophet Muhammad was 25 years of age, it is also to be noticed that Respected Khadijah was a widow twice, imagine if Prophet Muhammad was obsessed with sex, He married a women who is a widow twice & older 15 years than Him, if you are obsessed with sex which one you will prefer a young girl or an aged widow twice.
This marriage was not for the sexual desires but teaches Muslims the 02 lessons. The first is that a Muslim can marry a women older than His age & the other good impact is that Muslims can marry the widows, because in many societies marrying an older women who is a widow is observed not good for men.
The time Respected Khadijah was alive Prophet Muhammad did not take any other wife till She died, She died when Prophet Muhammad was at 50 years of age & when He crossed His young age for the reasons of social reforms He take other wives except Aisha whom Prophet Muhammad loved.

He married Respected Javeria of the banu Mustalik tribe which was a very powerful tribe & against Islam, Muslims had their captives & after the marriage of Prophet Muhammad with Her, Companion asked Prophet Muhammad how can we keep the relatives of Prophet Muhammad, so the captives of Banu Mustalik were freed & after that marriage that powerful anti Islam tribe became friendly with Muslims, since Prophet Muhammad married Her for the social reforms to avoid the rifts & wars to maintain the peace in society.

He married Respected Maimunah, She was the sister of the wife of the chief of the tribe of Najad which killed 70 Muslims men of the high reputation, after Prophet Muhammad married Her the anti Islam tribe Najad not only remove their hatred for Muslims but also accepted Prophet Muhammad as their leader & the other instance of establishment of peace in society was set restricted the bloodshed in the society.

He married Respected Umme Habiba the Daughter of Chief of Makkah, abu Sufyan the former enemy of Prophet Muhammad who took part in battle against Islam, yet Prophet Muhammad married Her & this marriage had a great role in the conquest of Makkah, also this marriage had a great role in softening the heart of abu Sufyan towards Islam that not only He became friend of Muslims but also the great enemy of Prophet Muhammad & Islam accepted Islam & became a Muslim. Since the enemy became a brother in faith & rifts, wars ended to peace & brother hood.

He married 02 Women from the Jewish background among them was Respected Safyah the daughter of the mighty Jewish leader & these after this marriages the Jews became very friendly with the Muslims not only friendly some Jew tribes accepted Islam & those who even not accepted Islam removed their hatred & became friends of Muslims & Prophet Muhammad set another instance of social reforms by making His enemies His friends.

He also married a Respected Lady from the Christian backgroud & after that marriage, Christians got the same impact that some became Muslims & remaining became friendly with Muslims & Prophet Muhammad set another instance of establishing peace & brother hood in society diminishing the bloodshed, hatred & wars from the society.

He married Respected Umme Salamah who was the widow. Her Husband died because of the injuries He got in battle & this Women of Dignity was left with 04 orphans. The intent of this marriage was to give Muslims the example to care for the widows who were left alone with their children orphans. The 02 Disciples Respected Abu Bakr & Respected Umer offered her marriage but She denied both of them then Prophet Muhammad went to Her & offered Her to marry with Him & She denied, Prophet Muhammad asked why & She said I am an old women so why you marry Me, I have 04 orphans with Me & I am a jealous women, & Prophet Muhammad said in decency as far as you age is concerned I am older than you, as for you orphan children I am responsible form their sustenance, as far as your jealousy is concerned I will pray ALLAAH to remove the jealousy from your heart & ALLAAH removed the jealousy from Her heart & She accepted the honor to be the blessed wife of Our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

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Polygamy. Islam, Christianity & Judaism.
part 02 of 03.

2-Marriages for the Closer Relations between Him & His Disciples.
To build the closer relations with His Disciples, Prophet Muhammad married Respected Hafsah the daughter of His companion Respected Umer & Aisha the daughter of Respected Abu Bakr & made His Disciple His relative. He also married His cousin Respected Zainab & this marriage is also so much criticised by non Muslim friends so I have made this marriage & the marriage with Aisha the 02 topics which are discussed further ahead.
Not only He married the daughter of His Disciple but He also gave His daughters to His Disciples for the close relations with Them.
He gave His 02 blessed Daughters, one to Respected Usman & the other to Respected Disciple Ali & since made His Respected Disciples the relatives.

Prophet Muhammad married Respected Zainab.
The marriage of Prophet Muhammad with Respected Zainab has also been the part of criticism of non Muslim friends that Prophet Muhammad married His daughter in law, Respected Zainab was so beautiful & Prophet Muhammad was obsessed with the beauty of Respected Zainab ordered His Son Zaid the Husband of Respected Zainab to divorce Her & so Prophet Muhammad may marry Her.

As far as this allegation is concerned this has not also been the allegation raised by the famous critics of Islam, because they knew the truth so they did never raise this but all those who do so for them We give them the correct knowledge.

First of all lets analyze the allegation that Zaid was the Son of Prophet Muhammad, actually Zaid was the genetic Son of Haris, He was a slave in Makkah & was freed by Prophet Muhammad & was so close to Prophet Muhammad that Prophet Muhammad adopted Him & called Him His Son like Zaid bin Muhammad s.a.w, later on the verses of Quran were revealed in
Quran, Surah Ahzaab, Ch.33, Vrs no.04-05.
04-Allah has not made for a man two hearts in his interior. And He has not made your wives whom you declare unlawful your mothers. And he has not made your adopted sons your [true] sons. That is [merely] your saying by your mouths, but Allah says the truth, and He guides to the [right] way.
05-Call them by [the names of] their fathers; it is more just in the sight of Allah. But if you do not know their fathers – then they are [still] your brothers in religion and those entrusted to you. And there is no blame upon you for that in which you have erred but [only for] what your hearts intended. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.
Surely after the revelation of this verse Zaid lost the status of being called the adopted son of Prophet Muhammad & again was called Zaid bin Haris rather than Zaid bin Muhammad.
It is clear from the verses that Zaid was not the son of Prophet Muhammad so of course the wife of Zaid can not be called the Daughter in law of Prophet Muhammad, so when She was not the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, what is the issue if Prophet Muhammad weds Zainab after Her divorce with Zaid. Wedding with the divorcees is not restricted in Islam not even in Bible,
Deuteronomy, Ch.24, Vrs.01-02.
01-when a man hath taken a wife, & married Her, & it came to pass that She find no favor in His eyes Because He found some uncleannesss in Her then let Him write the bill of divorcement & give it in Her hand & send Her out of His house.
02-& when She is departed of out of His house She may go & be another man wife.
So if Prophet Muhammad married a divorcee what is the issue in it.
Some may yet say He ordered Zaid to divorce Zainab because She was so beautiful & Prophet Muhammad wanted to have beautiful Zainab. All those who say like this, for their kind information We rectify them that, never Prophet Muhammad ordered Zaid to divorce Zainab, also it is to be noticed that Prophet Muhammad & Respected Zainab were cousins & both grew up together & from the very child hood to young age Prophet Muhammad saw Zainab & knew about Her beauty, so if Prophet Muhammad was fond of the beauty of Zainab why He did never showed any wish for Zainab to be His wife. More is that why Prophet Muhammad ordered Zaid to marry Zainab. For the kind information of Critics, the marriage of Zaid & Zainab was initiated by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
in my view It is better to have a beautiful, undivorced wife than having a divorced one.So what was the right time for Prophet Muhammad to marry Zainab, before Zainab marries other or after Zainab marries other.
if really Prophet Muhammad was fond of beauty of Zainab, why He initiated marriage of Zainab with Zaid since He was the initiator of marriage of Zainab with Zaid. The reason behind this marriage was to remove the superiority complex of status & cast, Zainab belonged to a very powerful & rich tribe Quraish that had the commanding status in Makkah & Zaid was a freed slave, since there was a major difference between the class & status of both, so to remove this bad concept of class & status, Prophet Muhammad ordered both Zaid & Zainab to marry because in Islam all Muslims are equal in the sight of ALLAAH whether one is rich or other is poor & the instance of such belief is daily practiced by Muslims when we go to worship ALLAAH in Masjids where all rich & poor stand in a same line with feet touching feet & shoulders touching shoulders so that practically showing that Muslims don’t believe in cast & status system also same belief is practiced during Hajj when all Muslims from different areas of the world come Makkah in 02 pieces of white cloth & the dress is called Ihraam, where no one can sort the other standing with Him is rich or poor. Since with this Prophet Muhammad practically freed society from the class conflict in terms of marriage also & same principle is taken by all democratic countries in this world that all citizens whether they belong to any race & class, all are equal as the citizens of the state.
After the marriage, there were things wrong between Zaid & Zainab, & both had some problems with each other. Zaid came to Prophet Muhammad with a complaint of Zainab that She doesn’t treat Zaid good & Prophet Muhammad advised Him to be patient & give Zainab some time. If really Prophet Muhammad was fond of the beauty of Zainab why He advised Zaid to give Zainab some time. Instead, He would have said Yes, divorce Her so that Prophet Muhammad may marry Zainab but we don’t see this case.
It was told earlier to Prophet Muhammad that Zaid will divorce Zainab & Prophet Muhammad has to marry Her by the will of ALLAAH. Again after some time Zaid came to Prophet Muhammad with complaint of Zainab that She doesn’t treat Him good & again Prophet Muhammad advised Him to be patient & give Zainab some time.
If really Prophet Muhammad was fond of the beauty of Zainab why He again advised Zaid to give Zainab some time. Again Zaid came to Prophet Muhammad with same complaint & Prophet Muhammad said if you want to divorce Her, you can do it & then by the command of ALLAAH, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w married Zainab r.a.
All the allegations on Prophet Muhammad married with respected Zainab are false.
but we see Abraham weds His Sister Sarah, David lying with Sheba the wife of other & Lot lying with own daughters are these the acts of Biblical Prophets, the allegation that Jews & Christians raise on Prophet Muhammad, all their own Biblical Prophets are alleged to such acts. astaghfirullaah we don’t believe this, it is mentioned in Bible, Al hamdu LILLAAH, Prophet Muhammad in His life time never did such shameful act, indeed He was famous for His chastity.

What was the reason behind this marriage of Prophet Muhammad with Zainab.
Quran gives the answer in Surah Ahzaab. Ch.33, vrs 37-38.
37-And [remember, O Muhammad], when you said to the one on whom Allah bestowed favor and you bestowed favor, "Keep your wife and fear Allah," while you concealed within yourself that which Allah is to disclose. And you feared the people, while Allah has more right that you fear Him. So when Zaid had no longer any need for her, We married her to you in order that there not be upon the believers any discomfort concerning the wives of their adopted sons when they no longer have need of them. And ever is the command of Allah accomplished.
Since the misunderstanding regarding the adopted children & their wives persisted in the society, some of the society still thought Zaid is the son of Muhammad s.a.w & Zainab is the daughter in law of Muhammad s.a.w, this is the law of Shariah in Islam that Father cannot marry His daughter in law which is the wife of His Son. So to remove this misunderstanding among the members of society that Zaid was not the Son of Prophet Muhammad, ALLAAH commanded Prophet Muhammad to marry Her so that it will be established to all members of society that neither Zaid was the Son of Prophet Muhammad nor Zainab was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w because in Islam a Man can not marry His daughter in law who is the wife of His son, so if Zaid was the son of Prophet Muhammad, He was not allowed to marry Zainab but when it is clear that adopted Children can never get the status of the genetic children so Zaid did not remain the Son of Prophet Muhammad nor Zainab remain the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, so when both of them were not the children of Prophet Muhammad, ALLAAH commanded Prophet Muhammad to marry Zainab to remove practically the misconception of the adopted children.

Why is Islam not in favor of giving the same status to adopted children that is given to the genetic children.
Because if you give your adopted child your name, it will be a false identity for that adopted child & it will be injustice with your genetic ones that you give your name to the born of anyother.
If you give your adopted childs your name then they become the heirs of your property & again this becomes injustice with your genetic children that you share their part with those who are not born of you but of other.
And injustice in Islam is prohibited, therefore ALLAAH closed the chapter of injustice theoretically by revealing the verse also made it practical. Also injustice is restricted in Bible,
leviticus, ch.19, vr.15 ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment, thou shall not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of mighty, but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbor.
GOD who wants justice with neighbor, how will GOD accept injustice with own members of family.
Another instance of Justice of GOD in Bible,
Deuteronomy, Ch.16, Vr.18 & 20.
18-Judges & officers shall thou make thee in all thy gates, which the LORD thy GOD giveth thee, throughout thy tribes & shall they judge the people with just judgment.
20-that which is altogether just shalt thou follow that thoy mayest live, & inherit the land which the LORD thy GOD giveth thee.
I ask the question is it just to give your name to an adopted child, since it is a false identity that you give to child, will it be justice to share your property with 02 inheritors, 01 are your genetic & other is adopted. If you share your property with both then surely you will do injustice because you will decrease the amount of share of your own genetic children & give it to one who possess false identity.

So all the allegation on raised on Prophet Muhammad s.a.w regarding this marriage are proved wrong that is why these allegation have never been the part of the criticism of the famous critics of Islam.

Still one may say why ALLAAH made this favor on Muhammad to marry Zainab & how Muhammad married 11 wives when 04 are allowed, why this favor given to Muhammad.
For 04 wives & Prophet Muhammad 11 wives, Quran in Ch.04, Vr.03 And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice].
Since this verse the commandment is made to the general people not to Prophet Muhammad, there is also a verse in Quran that allows Prophet Muhammad to have all His wives at a time, Quran, Ch.33, Vr.52. Not lawful to you, [O Muhammad], are [any additional] women after [this], nor [is it] for you to exchange them for [other] wives, even if their beauty were to please you, except what your right hand possesses. And ever is Allah, over all things, an Observer.
Since Muhammad s.a.w was allowed to have all wives at a time.

Queestion is still there, why Muhammad was given such favor from ALLAAH.
It is also answered in Quran, Surah Ahzaab, Ch.33, Vr.38, There is not to be upon the Prophet any discomfort concerning that which Allah has imposed upon him. [This is] the established way of Allah with those [prophets] who have passed on before. And ever is the command of Allah a destiny decreed.
Let Me give you one instance of this way of favors of ALLAAH with Prophet from the Bible. We know from the Bible.
Numbers Ch.35, Vr.21 or in enimity smite him with his hand that he die he that smote him shall surely be put to death, for he is a murderer, the revenger of the blood shall slay the murderer when he meet him.
Numbers Ch.19, Vr.13 whosoever touuhed the dead body of any man that is dead, & purifieth himself not, defileth the tabernacle of the LORD & that soul be cut off from Israel because water of separation was not sprinkled on him, he shall be unclean, his uncleanness is yet upon him.
Now see Exodus, ch.02, vr.11-12.
11-& it came to pass in those days when Moses was grown that he went out unto his brethren & looked into their burdens & he spied an Egyptian smiting an Hebrew one of his brethren.
12-& he looked this way & that way & when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian & hid him in the sand.
According to the law, murderer must be surely be put to death, Moses was also a murderer instead of putting him to death GOD chose Him to be a Prophet, the revenger must slay murderer when he meet him, so GOD saved Moses & chose a place Israel away from Egypt so that Moses will run away from Egypt & will not be slain by the Egyptians.
According to law he who touched the dead body is not pure, defileth the tabernacle of the LORD, & that soul be cut off from Israel because water of separation was not sprinkled on him, he shall be unclean, his uncleanness is yet upon him.
We know after killing Egyptian Moses hid him, surely Moses touched the dead body in this process, & he who touched the dead body isn’t pure, defiler of the tabernacle of the LORD, cut off from Israel & is unclean. So how Moses was given Prophet Hood because by law He was unclean & defiler. Was Moses entitled to be given Prophet Hood?
So when GOD can do such favor to Moses who was a murderer, unclean & defiler & make Him a Holy Prophet, why cant GOD have such favor on Muhammad to marry Zainab & keep more than 01 wives at a time. Having more wives is not a big issue but being a murderer & unclean, defiling the tabernacle of LORD is a big big issue.

As for marriage we know from the Bible that there were many respected men who were polygamous, if polygamy was such bad act why the Prophet & many others were polygamous & GOD had favors on them even many of them were Prophets selected of GOD, also we see the law, we see polygamy is not restricted in law, even if you do justice with wives or not you can have many wives at a time, so if these Biblical personalities can have wives, concubines, having concubines isn’t moral, having sons from concubines is also not moral & GOD favored them then why cannot GOD favor Muhammad s.a.w for having more than 01 wife.

Prophet Muhammad marries to Aisha.
Before we go in detail for this heading, few necessary things must be inderstood,

Hadith is an arabic word which means saying. Hadith can be of anyone. If I say something it becomes my saying & called my hadith, if you say something it becomes your saying & in arabic called your hadith. So when Prophet Muhammad says something it becomes His saying & in arabic called the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad.

Status of Hadith & Muslim Belief for Hadith.
It is the matter of fact that Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad were recorded by the companions of Muhammad s.a.w. & these got the form of book years later.
The hadiths were compiled by the Imams & the most famous Imams in this regard are Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Tirmizi, Ibne Maja & Bahyiqi etc.
All these Imams are respected for Muslims but they were not the Prophets, they were the ordinary Humans who can commit mistake.
This is the reason that the hadiths collected by men who may also be wrong are not the authority. That is why the hadiths of Imam Bukhari or of Imam Muslim or of all, the entire set of Hadiths is never considered the source of Islam.
The source of Islam is Quran & the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.
Muslims consider only those hadiths authentic & correct which go in conciliation with following tools.
Hadith must be in conciliation & not contradicting with,
1-Holy Quran.
5-free from errors.

There are many other principles given by the Islamic Scholars but all the aforesaid tools are agreed & there scope is wider.
So if any hadith go in contradiction with Quran, Sense, Logic, Wisdom & has errors, We categorically reject that hadith & never attribute that to Prophet Muhammad.
It may be the interjection of others but not the illogical, errorful, Quran contradicting, non sense & less wise words be the words of Prophet Muhammad.
Also we see that the oldest or the very first book of hadith is Bukhari & right after it came book Muslim, while compiling his book Imam Muslim copied many hadiths from Buhari considering them to be authentic & also He did not include many hadiths of Bukhari, even rejected them considering them to be non authentic & same behavior was followed by other Imams that they include only those hadiths from others which they considered to be authentic & rejected others considering them to be non authentic.
Since this was the behovior of the Imams that they did agree & had differences among them regarding hadiths. So how the Hadiths can be the source of Islam which is already debatable.
So hadith that go in conciliation with Quran, sense, logic, wisdom & errorfree will be considered as the hadith of Prophet Muhammad only.

Marriage of Prophet Muhammad with Aisha r.a.
Prophet Muhammad has been many times criticized by others on the grounds of a statement in Bukhari that is narrated by Aisha that Aisha was 06 years old when she received the proposal of marriage from Prophet Muhammad & at the age of 09 she went to the house of Prophet Muhammad.

First keep in mind the status & belief of Muslims for hadiths & then see the narrator, this is according to Imam Bukhari that this is the hadith of Aisha not of Prophet Muhammad, so how it is considered as the hadith of Prophet Muhammad & occurred in the book of the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad.
Since at the very start the hadith became doubtful but still the Christian Friends accuse Prophet Muhammad on the grounds of doubtful material.
Nevertheless, I know that Christians will say this is fine so no worry, we are here to answer.
Muslims can answer this hadith in 2 ways.
1-considering it authentic.
2-considering it non authentic.
Lets go one by one.

1-Considering the Hadith Authentic.
First of all we must know the Islamic law for marriages.
When the boy & the girl becomes adult or reaches the age of puberty or adolescence they can marry.

According to Oxford Dictionary.
Puberty means the period of a life of a person during which their sexual organs develop & they become capable of having Children.
Adult means a fully grown person who is fully responsible for his actions.
Adolescence means the time in the life of a person when he or she develops from child into an adult.
Science tells us that the age factor of puberty for girls keeps on changing depending upon atmosphere, surroundings, climate & diet. Science also tells that closer to the equator the higher chances of reaching puberty earlier.
That is why we see in Sub Continent the age of puberty is 14, 15 or 16 & in America it is 12 or 13.
By the virtue of Science we came to know that in America & even in Asia there are the cases where the girls at the age of 09 starts having the menstrual cycle & thus reaches the age of puberty & we know the meanings of puberty, so the girl at the age of 09 reaches puberty doesn’t remain the child.
Science also tells us that if a girl have the menstrual cycle at the age of 09, it is nothing to be alarmed of.
The age of marriages in countries varies. In Sub Continent the age of marriage is 18. In Indonesia it is 19. In America it is 16. But there is the state in America called Texas in which it is common to marry early so they have different law, for them the law is that a boy & a girl can marry at the age of 14.

Islamic law is that, When the boy & the girl becomes adult or reaches the age of puberty or adolescence they can marry.
The father of Aisha was Abu Bakr, no father can give His daughter into marriage when she is not an adult. Surely Abu Bakr know that His Daughter has reached the age of puberty so that she can be given in marriage.
From the life of Aisha we came to know that she was unique, mature & the huge amount of the authentic hadiths of Prophet Muhammad came to us from Aisha r.a.
So when Aisha r.a. reached the age of puberty at the age of 09 & one who reached puberty doesn’t remain a child & if we suppose Muhammad married Her & She married Muhammad at the age of 09 under the Islamic law what is the issue in that, She did not remain Child, so why the Non Muslims accuse Prophet Muhammad that He married a child, since this is a non sense allegation.
We know from the life & times of Prophet Muhammad that there were many enemies of Him, among them were the Jews & the Christians too who always seek the point to disgrace & discredit Him, even those enemies did not raise this allegation to Muhammad s.a.w to discredit Him that today the Christians do.

2-Considering the Hadith non authentic.
With the logical analysis of the life of Muhammad & Aisha we have to agree that this hadith is non authentic & that Aisha was 16 years old when the proposal of marriage was sent to her & at the age of 19 she came to the house of Prophet Muhammad.
The Prophetic mission of the life of Muhammad s.a.w started at the age of 40.
It is also known that Abu Bakr, the Father of Aisha accepted Islam in the very early days of the mission, also he is famous for embracing Islam very early from the very first year.
We also know that the family of Abu Bakr accepted Islam by the efforts of Abu Bakr in the very early days right from the very first year of Prophetic mission in which there was Aisha too & the age of Aisha when she embraced Islam was 06.
So when Muhammad s.a.w was in the 40th year of His blessed life, the age of Aisha was 06.
It is also known that the marriage proposal was sent by Muhammad s.a.w to Aisha at the age when Muhammad s.a.w was 50 years old, after 10 years. So when Aisha received that proposal She was also raised 10 years from 06 to 16.
It is also known that Aisha went to the house of Muhammad s.a.w after 3 or 6 years she received the proposal. So obviously Aisha raised 3 or 6 more years from 16 to 19 or 21 when She get to the house of Muhammad s.a.w.

Now once again consider the Islamic law for marriages,
When the boy & the girl becomes adult or reaches the age of puberty or adolescence they can marry.
So surely at the age of 16 proposal was sent when She was absolutely grown & She went to the house of Prophet Muhammad at the age of 19 or 21, when Aisha reached the age of adolescence, so where the criticism of Jews & Christians stand.
This is the logical & wise & sensible analysis of the life of Aisha r.a. that rejects the authenticity as well rejects the hadith that is mentioned in Bukhari regarding the age of Aisha 06 & 09 & this is the reason that many Muslim Scholars believe that there is some error in that hadith & the correct age of Aisha was 16 when she get the marriage proposal of marriage & was 19 when she get to the house of Muhammad s.a.w.
So what is the issue what is the problem if both got married under the Islamic law.

Yet there are some other who stick to the hadith of Bukhari for them we have already posed the Scientific version.
Once again I say We know from the life & times of Prophet Muhammad that there were many enemies of Him, among them were the Jews & the Christians too who always seek the point to disgrace & discredit Him, even those enemies did not raise this allegation to Muhammad s.a.w to discredit Him that today the Christians & Jews do.
Although having a young wife under law is better than Lot, a respected man saved by GOD, having sex with own Daughters as told by Bible in Genesis, ch.19, vr.30-36, & Abraham marrying His own sister & David lying with the wife of other man.
Astaghfirullaah, we Muslims don’t believe this, it is mentioned in Bible.

continues to part 03.

Polygamy. Islam, Christianity & Judaism.
part 03, the last & final part.

Now let us study Polygamy in Bible.

According to Bible, Prophet Abraham had 03 wives, Sarah in Genesis 12.11-12, Sarah was also the sister of Abraham, Genesis 20.12, marrying your own sister is moral or not, Hagar in Genesis 16.03 & Keturah in Genesis 25.01. despite of wives Abraham had concubines & from them He had children in Genesis 25.06 & GOD favored Abraham so much.

Esau the Son of Isaq had 03 Wives, Genesis 36.02 that are Adah, Aholibamah, Bashemath.

Jacob also called Israel had 04 wives, Leah in Genesis 29.23-25, Rachel in Genesis 29.28, Bilhah in Genesis 30.04 & Zilpah in Genesis 30.09. Israel also had a concubine in Genesis 35.22.

Prophet David had many wives & concubines in 1st Chronicles 03.01-29, 2nd Samuel 05.13. 1st Chronicles 14.03 tells that David took more wives at Jerusalem, 2nd Samuel 11.02-04 where David saw a women Bath Sheba who was the wife of Uriah the Hittite, she was taking bath, & David saw Her, if I see your Mother or Sister or Wife or Daughter taking bath, how shall you react, since we all know this is an immoral act & does this act suits a Prophet, & David lay with Her & she conceived, David committed adultery with the wife of another man, not only this David made a plan to get rid of Uriah & Uriah died due to the plan of David which is mentioned in 2nd Samuel, 11.14-17, why David did that, just because Bath Sheba was beautiful also mentioned in Deuteronomy 22,22 if a man found lying with a woman married to a husband then they shall both of them die, both the man that lay with the woman & the woman so shall thou put away evil from Israel but we see another type of punishment for David, as written in 2nd Samuel, 12.15 that the son of David in the womb of Bath Sheba died, why we see other kind of punishment for David, why did not GOD keep the law intact for David & Sheba & are these the acts of Biblical Prophets. Astaghfirullaah, we don’t believe this for Prophet David, it is mentioned in Bible so Jews & Christians have to agree, Al hamdu LILLAAH, Prophet Muhammad in His life time never did such shameful act, indeed He was famous for His chastity but the allegation that was raised to Muhammad s.a.w goes back to Biblical Prophets.

Prophet Solomom had 700 wives & 300 concubines stated in 1st Kings 11.03. Many Christians say that Prophet Solomon became unrighteousness in sight of GOD,
for them 2nd Samuel 12.24 ….. & He called His name Solomon & the LORD loved Him.
Also we see in 1st Chronicles, 28.05-06.
05-& of all My sons for the LORD hath given me many sons HE hath chosen Solomon my son to sit on the throne of kingdom of the LORD over Israel.
06-& HE said unto Me, Solomon thy son, He shall build MY house & MY courts for I have chosen Him to be MY son & I will be His FATHER.
then we have to agree that GOD was wrong in making the selection of Solomon to make Him a Prophet & that GOD did not know the future & made Solomon a Prophet, about whom GOD did not know that Solomon in future will be an unrighteousness man, because if GOD knew the future then GOD never make Solomon a Prophet & HIS son. So do Christians believe that Solomon was an unrighteous Prophet & GOD did not know the future so GOD made a mistake by making a man Prophet who is going to be unrighteous in future & if GOD knew all this why GOD made Solomon a Prophet.

Also we see in Deuteronomy 21.15 if a man have 02 wives one beloved & another hated & they have born them children, ……….
Man can have 02 wives it is not restricted.

Deuteronomy 25.05 if the brethren dwell together & one of them die & have no child, the wife of the dead shall not marry without unto a stranger, her husband brother shall go in unto her & take her to him to wife & perform the duty of husband brother unto her.
There is a possibility that the brother of the dead is already married, of course still he has to fulfill the command of Deu, 25.05.

Deuteronomy, 24.05 when a man hath taken a new wife, he shall not go out to war, neither shall he be charged with any business, but he shall be free at home one year& shall cheer up his wife which he hath taken.
Clearly we see Bible doesn’t restrict more than 01 wife but take care of the next wife that a man gets that man should cheer another wife & man is free with his new wife for not less than 01 year to be with her. How can people of book say polygamy is prohibited on the basis of Rabbis & Fathers.

Numbers 31,17-18,
17-now therefore kill every male among the little ones & kill every women that hath know a man by lying with him.
18-but all the women children that have not known a man buy lying with him, keep alive for your selves.
In verse 18 the quantity to keep the girls for a man is not told so he on his choice can have only 01, & nay man by his choice can have more than 01, it may be 02 or 10.
So where in Bible, polygamy is restricted or prohibited.

Polygamy is not a practice limited to the religion of Islam; rather, it is something well-known in the history of the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, as well. It is only in the later times that their religious men frowned upon it or forbade it outright. However, when one looks into the early history of the religions, they will find that it was at least an acceptable practice, if not encouraged.

Polygamy in Judaism.
Polygamy existed among the Israelites before the time of Moses, who continued the institution without imposing any limit on the number of marriages which a Hebrew husband might contract. The Jewish Encyclopedia states,

While there is no evidence of a polyandrous state in primitive Jewish society, polygamy seems to have been a well-established institution, dating from the most ancient times and extending to comparatively modern days.

Another common practice was the taking of concubines. In later times, the Talmud of Jerusalem restricted the number by the ability of the husband to maintain the wives properly. Some rabbis, however, counseled that a man should not take more than four wives. Polygamy was prohibited in Judaism by the rabbis, not God.
Rabbi Gershom ben Judah is credited by forbidding polygamy in the 11th century outlawing it for 1,000 years (that ended in 1987) to Eastern European Jews (Ashkenazi). The Mediterranean (Sephardic) Jews continued to practice polygamy.

Consequently, according to Will Durant, ‘polygamy was practiced by rich Jews in Islamic lands, but was rare among the Jews of Christendom.’

According to Joseph Ginat, professor of social and culture anthropology at the University of Haifa, it is common and growing among the 180,000 Bedouin of Israel. It is also frequent among Mediterranean Jews living in Yemen, rabbis permitting Jews to marry up to four wives.
In modern Israel, where a wife cannot bear children or is mentally ill, the rabbis give a husband the right to marry a second woman without divorcing his first wife.

Polygamy in Christianity

Jesus, who otherwise overlooked polygamy, is irrelevant as a model for marriage customs, since he did not marry during his earthly ministry.
Edward Wertermack said in His book, History of Human marriages, so far as the text of Bible, both old testament & new testament, there is no single clear, unequivocal statement that prohibits the existing polygamy that was existed in Jewish law & was practiced by many Israelites.

According to Father Eugene Hillman, ‘Nowhere in the New Testament is there any explicit commandment that marriage should be monogamous or any explicit commandment forbidding polygamy.

The Church in Rome banned polygamy in order to conform to Greco-Roman culture that prescribed only one legal wife while tolerating concubinage and prostitution.

The Roman emperor, Valentinian I, in the fourth century, authorized Christians to take two wives. In the eighth century Charlemagne, holding power over both church and state, in his own person practiced polygamy, having six, or according to some authorities, nine wives. According to Joseph Ginat, the author of Polygamous Families in Contemporary Society, the Catholic Church frowned on the practice, but occasionally sanctioned second marriages for political leaders.

St. Augustine seems to have observed in it no intrinsic immorality or sinfulness, and declared that polygamy was not a crime where it was the legal institution of a country. He wrote in The Good of Marriage (chapter 15, paragraph 17), that polygamy

…was lawful among the ancient fathers: whether it be lawful now also, I would not hastily pronounce. For there is not now necessity of begetting children, as there then was, when, even when wives bear children, it was allowed, in order to get a more numerous posterity, to marry other wives in addition, which now is certainly not lawful.”

He declined to judge the patriarchs, but did not deduce from their practice the ongoing acceptability of polygamy. In another place, he wrote, “Now indeed in our time, and in keeping with Roman custom, it is no longer allowed to take another wife, so as to have more than one wife living.

During the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther said, “I confess for my part that if a man wishes to marry two or more wives, I cannot forbid him for it does not contradict the Scripture.” He advised Philip of Hesse that he should keep his second marriage a secret to avoid public scandal.
He also said, GOD did not forbid polygamy, even the friend of GOD, Abraham had more than 01 wife.
Even we see in John, 08.39, …… Jesus said unto them, if ye were Abrahams children, ye would do the works of Abraham.
So according to Jesus if we want to be referred as the children of Abraham we should follow Abraham, in the field of marriage we should also seek Abraham who had 3 wives so all who seek Abraham must have at least 03 wives.

One of the greatest poets of the English language and the famous English Puritan, John Milton (1608 – 1674), wrote,
‘I have not said ‘the marriage of one man with one woman’ lest I should by implication charge the holy patriarchs and pillars of our faith, Abraham and others who had more than one wife, at the same time, with habitual sin; and lest I should be forced to exclude from the sanctuary of God as spurious, the whole offspring which sprang from them, yea, the whole of the sons of Israel, for whom the sanctuary itself was made. For it is said in Deuteronomy (xxii. 2,) “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of Jehovah even to the tenth generation.”
On February 14, 1650, the parliament at Nürnberg decreed that because so many men were killed during the Thirty Years’ War, that every man was allowed to marry up to ten women.

African churches have long recognized polygamy. They stated in the 1988 Lambeth Conference, “It has long been recognized in the Anglican Communion that polygamy in parts of Africa, and traditional marriage, do genuinely have features of both faithfulness and righteousness.”
Mwai Kibaki, the Christian president of Kenya, whose victory was attributed to ‘the hand of the Lord’ by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, is polygamous.
No longer under the previous rule of Christian whites, post-apartheid South Africa has also legalized polygamy.

Early in its history, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints practiced polygamy in the United States. Splinter groups left the Church to continue the practice after the Church banned it. Polygamy among these groups persists today in Utah, neighboring states, and the spin-off colonies, as well as among isolated individuals with no organized church affiliation.

In the United States, polygamy is illegal, but it exists unofficially, with an estimated 30,000 to 80,000 people living as polygamists in the West. Typically, these families are Mormon fundamentalists or Christian groups that maintain polygamy is a time-honored and scriptural practice.

Before one points the finger at Islam and Muslims when discussing polygamy, it is necessary that one have enough knowledge of the subject and its history. One should not judge practices held acceptable throughout history though the narrow mind of the present times. Rather, one should research the subject thoroughly and most importantly, seek divine guidance.

So we see many respected ones in the Bible, righteous ones in the sight of LORD had many wives & concubines from the Bible then what is the problem if Prophet Muhammad had 11 & Muslims can have only 04 but if Muslim cant do justice then ALLAAH command them to have only 01.

Despite of all these things, a person can ask why polygamy is allowed, or why Islam allows polygamy,
& yes this is the real question.

We all are Humans & have some physical needs as well, religion fulfills this demand of human body, this need of human body is fulfilled when man & woman gets married according to their religious obligations.
Now let us impose a law all over the globe that a man can have only 01 wife at a time.
If you go to a pediatrician & ask him about the ratio of births of male & female children, he will tell you that male & female children born in the same ratio but the immunity level of female children is much higher than the male children, this is the reason that the death ratio of male children is higher than the female children. This is one of the reasons that we see more women in the world as compared to men, also we see many wars on our earth, the main contestants of wars are men & due to wars many men die, so war is also one of the reason of less quantity of men as compared to women. So we see more women on earth than men.

the surveys tell us that in our planet there are women more than men, just in New York there are 1500000 women more than men, just in U.S there are 10000000 women more than men, in Germany alone there are 6000000 women more than men, in U.K there are 5000000 women more than men, Russia has 1000000 women more than men, only GOD knows better the actual figures but this is sure that women are million more in quantity as compared to men.

now if we impose the law all over the globe that a man can only have 01 wife at a time & suppose all the men are married and the market become saturated, still million of women will surely fail to get a husband & suppose your sister is one of those unlucky girls that fail to get a husband, so for all those girls they have only 02 options, one is to marry a man who is already married & get the respected status of wife in the society or to become the public property to satisfy her needs.
I ask you what shall you suggest your sister in such case, shall you suggest her to become a wife of a man who is already married & get the respectable status or to become the public property which is shameful status. Which one is more moral for you.
not a single girl would prefer for her to become a public property instead she will prefer to be a respected wife of a man who already has a wife & not a single brother, mother, father or sister will suggest their sister to be a public property.

In Islam all the 04 wives at a time have same respect & same rights but a women who is public property has no respect & no rights as the wife has, so therefore to safeguard the honor & rights of women, some men are allowed to have more than 01 wife at a time but not more than 04.

The allegation raised to Prophet Muhammad, Muslims & Islam regarding polygamy have been analyzed & we found all allegation on Prophet Muhammad are false & these allegation turns back to Prophet of the people of the book. So they must find out some way out rather than raisisng fingers on others.
Also I ask My beloved Christian friend, if polygamous men are dogs. They are stupid, bastard, unfaithful, women have no rights in Islam, women are not valuable for Muslims, this is sickness & obsession, so where do you rate, Abraham, Esau, Israel, David & Solomon as all of them were polygamous, I recommend my most beloved Christian friend to repent for such blasphemous words.

Allah knows best!

-Faizan Khan

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