I have made friends with quite a number of good southern Christians, like Kene Nedosa, Chinwe Esizi, Orji Oti, Seye Famuboni, Shola Ademola etc. I have met great ones on face book like Anne Evans, Yemi Saka, Charles Onyedikachi, Timothy Dokpesi Adidi, Lugard ekhator, Marian Iyabode Awolowo Tim Mathias. I call them the good ambassadors of the south and I am happy to have them as friends. …

But some of the southern Christians I have met, especially on facebook amaze me when they assume a superiority status arrogantly and condescendingly frown down at the north, pointing fingers, vindicating and passing prejudiced verdict about the social menace in the country.

They refuse to understand the dynamics of our country and accept the fact that a social menace is a social menace regardless of which umbrella it hides under, be it Boko Haram in the name of religion or MENDS in the name of regional emancipation, child abuse in the name of culture or in the name of poverty.

Many harbor and haul bigoted assumptions about the north, ridiculing and mocking everything the north stands for including our core values. A trait that is often common among those who have never come close to the river Niger talk less of crossing it.

A thread of comments by one Michealle Davis Oluwsegun prompted me to write this piece when she expressed some common bigoted statements that is popularly expressed by many southern Christian I have come across on face book.

Michaelle, like a host of others called the northerners illiterates just because we read and write in Arabic and not in English. I can confidently assume that Michaelle has never checked out the meaning out the word illiterate in her dictionary or else will have to scout hard to find one illiterate in the north before resorting to her accusation.

She castigated the almajiris because they are caught up in the social ills of begging yet she dared turn a blind eye to her regions ills of cultism, kidnapping, gang rape and drug pushing

It did not take a while for michaelle to reveal more hidden disgust for the north when she called the northerners lazy parasites and wrote in bold “THE OIL BELONGS TO THE SOUTH SOUTH LEECHES”. She called the northerner lazy because only he has the humility to do the odd jobs of maigadi, mairuwa or shoe shining instead of Armed robbery. Only he is always around to do all her domestic chores for a pittance because he does not complain but rather gives thanks to the Almighty and pushes ahead with life because he has imbibed the virtue of humility as an Almajiri and trained to be contended with little. She calls him parasites despite that fact the oil revenue may never reach him, despite the fact that that he toils in the farm to produce a fair size of the nations food, rare cattle’s and transport the food and meat down south. All we need as proof is for “en trailer” to go on strike and it will be bye bye to stew and shaki

She called the northerners hostile and intolerant yet we have more southerners in the north than we have northerners in the south. They are our school mates, neighbors and colleagues in the state civil service. Ogun has almost 7 Universities but it residents found the North the most conducive environment to pursue their education all because the North has been accommodating and tolerant even when they show total disregard to the Northern culture

Michaelle castigated the Muslim early marriage and went as far as slandering northerners of sleeping with 2 year old child brides. Yet she failed to simultaneously point finger at child prostitution, out of wedlock teenage pregnancies and abortions going on in her holier than thou south. She did not recall that it was in Abia that a baby producing clinic was discovered where young girls are kept to breed babies for sale. Only last week a UN report confirmed 8000 to 10,000 annual flow into the sex market in Italy came from Nigeria, and we know from which region.

In her posts Michaell Oluwasegun Davies wrote:"This goes out to the league of demonic governors in the north. You impoverish your own kinsmen, you kill anyone that stands in your way, your chase away investments 4rm your cities, plunging your states into gloom, doom and economic-retrog ression, yet you hide under the umbrella of religion”

Maiwada replied her by saying “If only this was meant for league of demonic governors in Nigeria rather than the north, it would have make some sense. Michaell might not have heard of Ayo Fayose, the immediate past governor of Ekiti who was shown live in the dock for pilfering with state funds for her to cross over to the north searching for a victim for her venomous attack. Perhaps, she is not aware James Onafefe Ibori, the new lord of the British prison, convicted for pauperising his state treasury is not a northerner, but a leading member of her darling and morally upright "South." " I can vouch, Michaell has not read her history books properly, else she would know that non of the victims of her attack, the northern governors attempted escaping from Britain dressed as a woman in an effort to escape arrest and possible conviction for corruption the way and manner Thief…(Sorry "CHIEF") Dieprieye Alameisaigha, former Bayelsa state governor did. Michaell should know, non of the immediate past governors of the north who attempted vying for the Presidency jettisoned their ambition the way and manner Thief (sorry again "CHIEF") Peter Odili chickened out when EFCC came calling on the eve of last PDP Presidential primaries.

As one scrolls down some thread of discussion on social media especially about the nations insecurity, it is not uncommon to read insult directed not only on boko haram but on the whole north, to Islam, to the prophet of and even against Allah the almighty. These are disrespectful comment that threaten the fragile thread of unity that keeps the two regions together. Yet rarely is Christianity, Jesus or the bible insulted because of southern terrorism like the OPC, MENDS , or Christian terrorism like that of the jos cannibalism because however it will present a social menace remains a social menace.

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