– The English Parliament issued a resolution in the era of Henry VIII prohibits women to read the "New Testament" because it is considered unclean.
– English law even in 1805 allowed a man to sell his wife, has set his wife's six pennies.
In modern times, women were expelled from the house after the age of eighteen to start working to earn a living, and if you want to stay in the house, she had to pay her parents rent for her room and the price of food and laundry. …

Lift up your head ………. you are a Muslim
Does Islam honored women and insulted or mistreated??
Honoring of Islam for women
Islam raised the status of women, and only between men and women in more provisions, they are commanded to like faith and obedience, and equal to him in reward of the Hereafter, and has the right of expression, … Lihat Selengkapnyarecommend and order good and forbid evil, and calling to God, and they have the right to own property, buy and sell, and inherit, and give charity and blowing, is not permissible for anyone to take her money without her consent, and have the right to a dignified life, not assault it, not grievance. Have the right to education, but must learn what you need in debt

Women in communities and other religions …

Women among the ancient Greeks

They have despised the humiliation, even call it an abomination of the devil, and they held Ksagt heirlooms, bought and sold in the market, deprived of their rights, deprived of the right to inherit the right to dispose of money in say Vilsovhm "Socrates" [The presence of women is the largest origin and source of the crisis and collapse in the world that women like tree where the poisonous face of a beautiful, but when the birds eat them die off "a. e, and I counted them, is that women are Aepehr and have lovers.

Women in the Romanian

It was the convergence of the most suffering under the slogan they have taken and they called the "women do not have the spirit," including torture pour hot oil on her body, and link them to columns, but they were innocent link Bveol horses, and speed to the maximum speed until you die.

Of women in the ancient Chinese

Women have likened the water wash the painful happiness and money, and China has the right to sell his wife Kaljarip, and if widowed Chinese women became the husband the right of the people and where wealth is inherited, and China has the right to bury his wife alive.

When Indian women

It is not women the right to life after the death of her husband, but you must die on the death of her husband, and burned with a fireplace and a living one. The lone woman be married and who lost her husband from the untouchables in Indian society, and the outcast them at the level of animals.

Women at the horse
Has permitted married mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters and nieces and was denying the female in the menstrual period (menstrual cycle) to a remote location outside the city and the woman was under the authority of man's absolute right to rule by death or enjoy the life.

When Jewish women

Have they regard as a curse because it seduced Adam, and when they infect the menses is not Ijalssounaa Iwaklunha not, do not touch the pot so as not to become defiled, and some were placed for a menstruating woman and put a tent in front bread and Mea, puts it in this tent until she becomes pure.

Woman when Christians

Suffice it to remind you what the church one of the men when he said: "If you see a woman do not think just because you see a human being or even being a brutal but you see is the devil itself, which you hear is whistling snake."

Women among the Arabs

They did not have the right to inherit, and if a man dies and leaves as his son until his wife had no women in ignorance, the right of her husband and not to divorce a limited number nor polygamy a certain number and the woman was in ignorance, hate the act of adultery request pay the material and it was their food is solid for males and forbidden to women and girls have Be Iwdn and buried alive under the earth they fear shame and poverty.

– The English Parliament issued a resolution in the era of Henry VIII prohibits women to read the "New Testament" because it is considered unclean.
– English law even in 1805 allowed a man to sell his wife, has set his wife's six pennies.
In modern times, women were expelled from the house after the age of eighteen to start working to earn a living, and if you want to stay in the house, she had to pay her parents rent for her room and the price of food and laundry.

These are women in other religions and at various other clans and have heard and read these creatures Magayth varieties of torture and humiliation to physical and moral, even sun brightened by Islam I met all the good and honor and received all the care and attention.

How can this compare to Islam which is Berha and treat them by honoring her, and spending on them?!

The changes in these rights through the ages, have not changed the basic principles theoretical, but in practice there can be no doubt that the golden age of Islam, the Muslims more application of the law of the Lord, and the provisions of this law: honoring one's mother and charity to the wife, daughter, sister and women as general. The more the weakness of religious whenever there is disorder in the performance of these rights, but still one denomination to adhere to the Day of Judgement condemned, and apply the law of their Lord, and these are the first people to honor women and the delivery of their rights to it.
Despite the weakness of religious commitment among many Muslims today, women still have their place and status, mother, daughter, wife and sister, while recognizing that there are shortcomings or injustice and neglect of women's rights when some people, but each is responsible for the same

Women in Islam, the sisters of men, and the good people are good to the people; postulate in childhood have the right to breastfeeding, care, education and charity, which at that time, darling, and the fruit of heart for her parents and brothers.
And is enhanced Imakbert Mecca, which the jealous guardian, and fundamentally under his auspices, and not accept to be extended to ill supported, and the tongues of hurt, and the eyes betraying.
So she was the word of God, and His covenant thick; birthday: in her husband's house most cherished neighborhood, and withhold, Dhamar, and the duty of honoring her husband, and treat her kindly, refraining from harming them.
If the right was accompanied by honoring God – the Almighty – and the most entitled and abuse coupled between lessons, and corruption in the land.
If the sisters are the links to the Muslim is, by honoring her, and jealousy it.
If the aunt was like the mother in the land and the link.
If the grandmother, or an elderly increased value to her children, and grandchildren, and all their relatives; there is hardly a given request, not discrediting an opinion.
And ordering the man not far from Idnyha kinship or neighborhood had the right of Islam-General of the palm of harm, ignoring the sight, and so on.
Muslim communities continue to sponsor these rights the right care, making women's value and has no effect when the non-Muslim communities

Then that women in Islam
Right of ownership, and leasing and sales, procurement, and other contracts, and have the right learning and education does not go against her religion but that the knowledge which is an obligation sin was leaving a male or a female.
Indeed, it is for men only with its special but not for men, or as unique to them without rights and provisions that will suit both of them, as detailed in Moadah.

It is honoring the women of Islam
Be safeguarded, including her, and keep their dignity, and protected from vulgar tongues, and eyes treacherous, and tyrannical hands; Vomrha veil and cover, and distance from the wanton display, and mixing with men, foreigners, and everything that leads to Vtantha.

It is honoring Islam has
Ordered husbands to support them, and the charity of intercourse, and beware of injustice, and abuse

And even the pros – also
That is permitted for a married couple to live apart, if not harmony between them, were not able to live a happy existence; is allowed to divorce her husband after he failed all attempts at reform, and when their lives become a living hell.

Dedicated to our sisters who died and harassed for our fault in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Arkan, Jingjiang, Chechniyah,Uzbekstan and may others place that are unknown to me.

May Allah forgive us for our inability and give us ability.

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