Musawa Region, Katsina State Nigeria

Musawa Local Government was created on May, 1989 out of former Kankia Local Government Area of the Newly formed Katsina State that was curved out from the northern part of former Kaduna State, by the then Military Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Currently, there are two (2) District Heads in the Local Government, with their palaces in the two (2) major commercial towns; one at Musawa, the headquarters of the local Government Area, which is 96 Kilometers away from Katsina metropolis, the state capital; the other one at Jikamshi, the second most important town in the Local Government. …

Musawa Local Government is geographically located across Longitude 7°40´11´´ East of the Greenwich Meridian and Latitude 12°7´48´´ North of the Equator.

Musawa Local Government Area is found in the southern part of Katsina State. The Local Government Area shares a state boundary with the neighboring Kano State from east; and is surrounded by five (5) Local Government Areas within Katsina State: Malumfashi from south, Kankara from southwest, Danmusa from west, finally Matazu and Kankia from north.

Pesently, Musawa Local Government Area enjoys tropical wet and dry climate with relatively wind and rapid change in temperature and humidity. The highest amount of rainfall in the area normally falls between June to September.
The mean annual rainfall ranges between 450 to 650mm per annum; with duration of not less than three(3) months and not more than five (5) months,(I.e.between May to September).
The mean temperature of the area ranges from 14°C as the lowest to 33°C as the highest. The temperature regime is said to be warm to hot throughout the year, however, the period between November to February is cool and dry.

The vegetation of Musawa Local Government Area is not different from the rest rest of other part of Katsina State; it is Sudan Savannah, however, there is sporadic woodlands across the Local Government Area.

The inhabitants of Musawa Local Government Area are predominantly Hausa and Fulani by ethnicity; although strangers can be found, most especially in the two (2) major commercial towns: Musawa and Jikamshi. And by religion, beside a party of the strangers, and the few maguzawas (native non-Muslims), the Local Government is predominantly occupied by Muslims; approximately 93 percent.

Musawa Local Government is not evenly distributed; and is among the moderately populated Local Government Areas of Katsina State. As of 2006 census, the male population of the area is 88,201, while that of female is 83,513; making a total population of 171,714 persons in the 849 square kilometers of the area.

One-third of the area population engage in civil service, quarrying or mining of Kaolin; and more than 90 percent of the population are Agriculturists either directly or indirectly: Being farmers, livestock rearers or both.

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